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Fit 2 Feet heels

You know that feeling you get after a long day of working in high heels? Your feet are tired and sore, and you can't wait to go home, put on your slippers, and finally relax. And that's only when we're talking about wearing high heels occasionally, instead of every day. Anyone who wears high heels every day is probably aware of the long0term consequences. Soreness, pain, lumps, bunions (hallux valgus); walking will take its toll. The ultimate solution? Stop wearing high heels. But ofcourse that's out of the question.

But then what?
That's why we're the first (and only) brand in the Netherlands to offer Fit 2 Feet pumps: shoes that adapt to your feet without it being visible on the outside. There's even a secret stretch panel for bunion sufferes. The F2F heels have all the functionalities you're used to from us: the pumps are extremely comfortable, antistatic, and made of very strong material. And don't worry; you can easily get through security. Your search for the best and most comfortable high heels ends here!

Shoe stretch where you need them to
Anti-slip sole
Removable insoles
Hassle-free going through security
Cork insoles prevent overcooling or overheating

What are Fit 2 Feet shoes?

Have you ever wondered why the shape of your feet (wide at the front and narrower at the back) doesn't match the shape of your shoes at all? Then it probably won't surprise you that this has consequences for your feet (and the pain that can accompany it). With heels there’s something else: when wearing heels, our weight goes directly to the forefoot. Because of this our feet become sore and painful, which can sometimes even result in bunions forming. But no need to panic! We’ve come up with a solution.

Fit 2 Feet shoes look like ordinary pumps, but they have something revolutionary! By combining different materials of stretch and quality leather, we ensure that the models stretch where you need them to, withoutlooking any different form what you’re used to.

How does it work?

Shoes that stretch where you need them to… What does that mean? And most importantly, how does it work? Floor from Wolky@Work explains in a 90 second video what Fit 2 Feet heels really are.

    6 reasons why Fit to Feet heels make your feet happy

    Fit 2 Feet heels have everything you need for the perfect work-related shoes. Below you’ll find our 6 most important specifications of F2F shoes. Be aware: after reading this, you’ll never want to go back to your 'old' heels...

    Reasons why you should choose good shoes

  1. Room for extra ‘luggage’

    Pinching shoes, pain when walking, blisters, or even not being able to wear heels anymore due to deformity of the foot or Hallux Valgus. All a thing of the past with the Fit to Feet shoes. These (seemingly normal heels) have something very special: they adapt to your feet and stretch exactly where you need it. You'll slip right in and off to work. Even with ‘difficult’ feet!

  2. Made of extra strong material

    Fit 2 Feet shoes are made of very strong material. By combining 3 different materials (from stretch and sturdy leather) with a recess in the middle layer, we ensure that the heels stretch exactly where you need it, while the rest of the shoes retain its shape and sturdiness. In addition, the inside is fully lined with quality leather and the outside is made of very strong stretchy material. Perfect for those who want to look presentable and want painless feet at the end of a long working day.

  3. Super soft and comfortable

    The Fit 2 Feet shoes are super soft and comfortable. When wearing the shoes, you’ll walk with the best comfort, and you won’t suffer from sore feet. The lining is made entirely of quality leather, which gives it a supple feel and breathability. The other layers provide stretch and strength. Your feet will notice immediately!

  4. Metal free

    Metal is used in many flights attendants heels and shoes. This is used to make the shoes as stable as possible. The disadvantage of metal in shoes is that you must take your shoes off when you go through security. Fortunately, there are many other ways to give firmness to a pair of heels. The Fit 2 Feet heels make walking through security very easy: you won't find any metal in these shoes, which saves a lot of unnecessary hassle.

  5. Cork insoles

    The Fit 2 Feet heels have cork insoles. This has several advantages. Firstly, cork insoles ensure fine temperature regulation and prevent over-cooling and overheating. This way your feet stay nice and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In addition, cork is a natural water-repellent material, so it doesn’t absorb much moisture and the shoes remain relatively odor-free. Only benefits if you ask us!

  6. Anti-static

    You've probably experienced it: you're in an airplane and you accidently touch a passenger on the plane and get a shock. You are statically charged by the shoes you wear and the surface the shoe comes into contact with. Fortunately, the Fit 2 Feet shoes are antistatic. This way you no longer shock yourself or your nearby passengers. Bye bye, nasty shocks.