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Flight attendant shoes

When you work in the aviation industry you are used to hours standing on your feet. The shoes that you wear have a lot of influence on your working day. Whether you work as a flight attendant or pilot: everyone benefits from work shoes with the right support. This ensures less tired feet during and after worktime. Moreover, you prevent all kinds of ailments.

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100% Quality leather
Anti-slip sole
No metal
Cork footbed for perfect temperature
Removable footbeds

What shoes do you need as a flight attendant?

As a flight attandant you often wear multiple work shoes on one working day. High heels are feminine, but it almost feels like freedom to trade in your heels for galley shoes on board. This is also advisable; By changing your shoes you ensure fewer pressure points. Moreover, your shoes need some rest too. Leather shoes last longer if they also get rest. By changing your shoes you give them the time they need to stay in optimum condition. Therefore choose your flight attendant shoes carefully: an elegant flat shoe with a small heel (of approximately two centimeters) is suitable as a galley shoe. For outside the aircraft, choose a pump with a heel height that makes you feel comfortable, and also keep an eye on your airline's guidelines.

    What should you look for when in search of the perfect flight attendant shoes?

    Buying the right shoes ensures more pleasure in your work. Moreover, you prevent annoying ailments that can have major consequences in the long term. We are happy to help you with a checklist.

    Reasons why you should choose good shoes

  1. Comfortable shoes

    Comfortable shoes are always a must, but when you work as a flight attendant, it is extra important. Make sure the shoes do not pinch and have sufficient breathing space. Particularly when you are working in the air and your feet expand, it is important that your flight attendant shoes are not too small. Although leather pumps can be a bit stiff to begin with, this is not a problem. When you buy quality leather shoes, the shoe will form nicely around your feet after a while.

  2. The right footbed

    Very important when choosing the right flight attendant shoes is that you look carefully at the shape of the footbed. An anatomically shaped footbed gives your feet specific support where they need it. This way you improve your posture and stand firmly on the ground.

  3. No metal

    Metal is used in many flight attendant pumps. This is used to give the shoe extra strength. Unfortunately it also means that you have to take off your shoes when passing security. Luckily, there are many other ways to give strength to a pump. Make it easy on yourself and choose a pump that does not contain any metal; this saves a lot of hassle when passing security.

  4. Anti-slip sole

    A non-slip sole provides a firm grip on the ground. As a flight attendant you have to deal with many different surfaces. A pump with a smooth sole can cause you to falter. When buying work pumps, pay attention to the sole and test the grip on various surfaces.

  5. Anti-static

    We all know the story: you touch a passenger on the plane or slam the door of your car and you get a shock. You are statically charged by the shoes you wear and the surface which the shoe comes in contact with. Choose flight attendant shoes that are anti-static.