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Hospitality shoes

In the hospitality industry you are constantly on the move. Whether you work in the kitchen or F&B: your days are long and heavy. This also has consequences for your feet. With the right hospitality work shoes you ensure that your feet are burdened as little as possible and that you enjoy working in the hospitality industry. In addition to the right support, the right hospitality work shoes also provide a firm grip and reduce sweaty feet. And in the best case your shoes look nice too. Especially when you work in F&B and are often in contact with guests.

Different types of hospitality shoes

Various functions require different types of shoes. When you work in the kitchen, safety comes first. This also applies to your shoes, therefore they must meet numerous safety requirements. In the Wolky@Work collection you will find hospitality work shoes for front-of-house functions such as serving at tables, bar service and banqueting. Both the inside and the outside of the shoe are important in these functions.

    Waiting staff

    When you're waiting tables, you walk a lot and you are in constant contact with guests. It is therefore important that your work shoes are comfortable but also look good. A black or dark blue work shoe often fits well with your outfit. When buying new shoes, pay attention to the shape of the shoe. An anatomically shaped footbed gives your feet support in the right places. This way you prevent pain in your feet after a long day at work and protect your feet from ailments. The shoes must have a non-slip sole, so that you have a firm grip. It is also important that the shoe is antiperspirant: this way you prevent unpleasant odours. Therefore, choose shoes that are made of breathable material, such as leather.

    Make sure that the shoe is made entirely of quality leather. You often see that synthetic material is used for the inside and this has the opposite effect.

    Reasons why you should choose good shoes

  1. Comfortable shoes at wolky@work

    There is a lot involved in finding the right hospitality work shoes. It is important that you can work well and that your shoes do not get in the way of your working day. Wolky@Work has researched what you find important in a shoe and has taken this into account when developing the collection.

  2. Comfortable work shoes

    All our hospitality work shoes are extremely comfortable. They are made by Wolky: the brand for comfort shoes. Because the shoes have an anatomically shaped footbed, your feet are supported in exactly the right places.

  3. Don't be afraid of slipping

    All our hospitality work shoes have an anti-slip sole. Slipping is a thing of the past and you van fly through the dining room unhindered to serve your guests.

  4. Anti-perspirant

    Do you know the feeling you get after a long day at work where you don't dare to take your shoes off because of unpleasant odors? When wearing Wolky@Work shoes, this is a thing of the past. Our shoes are made of quality leather. This ensures breathable shoes.